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Our Preschool Program provides a centers-based approach to learning in order to develop the whole child.


Preschool Program

  • Our preschool program learns through active, hands-on materials and experiences.
  • Our preschool program helps children develop the necessary skills to excel upon entry to school.
  • Our preschool program is for 3-year-olds.

What will a day look like for my preschooler?

7:00 – 9:00am | Arrival and Free Play

9:00am | Morning Snack and Bathroom

9:30am | Circle Time

9:45am | Center Play and Small Group Learning

10:45am | Clean-up

10:50am | Outdoor Recess

11:30am | Lunch

12:20pm | Clean-up and Bathroom

12:40pm | Prepare for Nap

1:00pm | Nap Time

3:00-5:30pm | Wake Up, Afternoon Snack, Bathroom Break, Free Play

Your Preschooler Will Develop In These Domains

Our domains are based on PA state standards and full infant standards adhered to can be found here.

What do those skills look like practically?

Social Skills:

The student will be able to:

  •   Take care of bathroom needs independently
  •   Sit for a 15 minute circle time
  •   Be attentive during circle time
  •   Show confidence and be willing to participate during circle time
  •   Use “please” and “thank you” with minimal prompts
  •   Share with other children
  •   Use kind, appropriate words
  •   Follow simple directions
  •   Respect classroom property
  •   Have skills needed to build friendships
  •   Enjoy coming to preschool
  •   Put on a coat independently

Fine Motor Skills:

The student will be able to:

  •   Hold scissors and perform basic cutting
  •   Hold a crayon or marker properly
  •   Trace basic shapes
  •   Put simple board puzzles together

Reading Readiness:

The student will be able to:

  •   Recite the alphabet
  •   Recognize and verbally identify colors
  •   Recognize his/her name
  •   Make up or retell stories
  •   Verbally identify basic shapes
  •   Recognize repetition of words or word patterns

Math Readiness:

The student will be able to:

    •   Recognize the numbers 1-10
    •   Sort 10 items
    •   Sequence a few items
    •   Classify items with common characteristics
    •   Begin to recognize simple patterns

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