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Ways You Can Give


About 80% of us are online givers – why not make your giving automatic to keep from missing a week? This is giving made safe, quick, and convenient!



Text “getvictory”
to 77977.

Follow the prompts.
After that, any time you want to give, all you have to do is text the same number or set up automatic giving.


You can make a contribution with cash or check (made out to Victory Church) or fill out your credit card information on the envelope provided.

Drop the envelope in one of the giving boxes when you attend service.


Our giving envelopes are already addressed to Victory Church. Just drop your gift in the mail. We’ll even pay the postage. You can also send your gifts to:
Victory Church
2650 Audubon Rd.
Audubon, PA 19403

Live Generously

The heart of Victory Church has always been to welcome our world into an experience with God and the care of his family. That is why there is no greater way to be generous than investing in the local church. It’s what Jesus built. As a result of God’s favor and support, we have seen countless baptized, marriages healed, families restored, lives enhanced, leaders equipped and the next generation rise up and take a stand for their faith.

Why We Give?

We give to see lives changed – both ours and the people we are reaching. Your generosity allows lives to be changed. Your giving helps us continue our mission of leading people into an experience with God and the care of his family, both locally and globally. We are called to equip a caring, committed community of worshipers who reach their world for Jesus. And by God’s grace, we will expand the borders of His Church and reach one life at a time. Thank you for your generosity! It is a blessing to you, the church, and our community.


Where Does It Go?

When you give to Victory Church, you are enabling us to provide the program, facilities, and tools to reach our community with the love of Jesus, so they experience what it is truly like to be loved by a God who cares through people who care. We support missionaries all over the globe as well as local outreaches right in our area, all through what is given to Victory Church.

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