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LifeGroup Leader Resource Page

Group Ideas for Fall 2023

Starting Off Strong

Member Agreement

10 Best Openers

Facility Use

Important Dates for LifeGroup Leaders

Monday, August 14: LifeGroup info due here

Friday, August 25: LifeGroup sign-ups begin

Sunday, August 27 from 9:45-11:15 AM: New Leader Orientation

Sunday, September 17 from 5-7 PM: LifeGroup Leader Huddle

Sunday, September 24: LifeGroups begin this week


What is needed this Fall?

  1. Bible and Bible curriculum studies. Let’s help people really know God through daily time in his word. 
  2. Every Man a Warrior: 2 groups of Every Man a Warrior 1 https://everymanawarrior.com/
  3. Cultivating Holy Beauty 1(Women’s Discipleship Path): 2 groups. Check it out here: https://www.cultivatingholybeauty.com/
  4. Parenting groups
  5. Activity groups
  6. Online and in-person groups
  7. Groups to grow in prayer

What can you lead? If you have an idea for a group, email me. I may already have a resource. You can also check out this website for resources.https://faithgateway.com/collections/video-bible-studies  The church can order for you.* 

Your group details are needed by Monday, August 14. Submit your information to here.

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