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Winter LifeGroup Info Submission

Need ideas? Check out Pastor Lisa’s top picks from Right Now Media!

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A Note from Pastor Lisa to our Men’s LifeGroup Leaders

I’d like to set in place easy next steps for the men of our community to connect in ongoing ways to strong discipling relationships. What’s next after Every Man a Warrior or if a guy chooses not to go that path?
I see a Victory Men’s Discipleship Pathway with a key set of groups and leaders each Fall and Spring where the following can happen:
  1. Strategic curriculum that will build a strong biblical foundation in knowing and living for God.
  2. Building groups that can continue through the pathway so men connect over time, not just for 6 or 8 weeks. This can create a safe community of deeper relationships where men can find encouragement and accountability as they pursue God.
On the Right Now Media page, I’ve selected some of the types of curricula that may help men. We are not limited to Right Now Media.
This is under construction over the next week or so as we set out a pilot for the Winter/Spring semester. If you’d like input or if you’d like to help launch this pilot pathway, I’d love to hear from you asap. Email me today at [email protected]
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