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#52 Mujeres Que Trascienden

Leader(s): Edna Benavides Group Type: Women, General Trascender es que mi generaciones quieran continuar mis pasos de fe y sean felices. Entendiendo el Legado y la Herencia en mis generaciones. Soy una mujer que trasciende y deja huella en mis…

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#45 Get in the Game

Leader(s): Beth Semple and Shauna Delcid Group Type: Women Activity Want to get outside and play-a-round of Par 3 golf, a game of Around the World, hits some balls at the driving range? Join women in middle school and up…

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#23 Crown and Key Intercessors

Leader(s): Teresa Anstatt and Melissa McLaughlin Group Type: Men, Women, Prayer A prayer and prophetic group for members of Victory Church. Group participation is by application only. When you sign up, you'll receive a short application from the leader.

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#14 Complementary Marriage

Leader(s): Hannah and Luke Rafferty Group Type: Young Couples, Book Study Our group will follow the books "Complement, The Surprising Beauty of Choosing Together Over Separate in Marriage," by Aaron and Jamie Ivey. Men will read the section written by…

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#11 Warrior Gathering

Leader(s): Josh Flott Group Type: Men, General A group designed to help men who have gone through and completed an Every Man A Warrior Book continue with accountability and scripture memory. Let’s continue to build community and strong men to…

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