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# 23 Scripture Memes

Leader(s): Tom McLaughlin Group Type: Activity - Men and Women Group members will choose a verse of scripture each week and create a "meme". These can be done by hand or digitally. We will each share our work and our…

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# 40 More Than Just a Melody

Leader(s): Paula Kanu, Kim Gary Group Type: Activity - Men & Women This group will explore music as a conversation with God. We will examine music as a source of unbridled joy, and as a key to unlock and sort through…

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# 38 Songwriter Collective

Leader(s): Steve Garrett, Vanessa Pottiger Group Type: Activity - Men & Women This group is FULL. Building on what we started last semester, this group of musicians and songwriters will focus on honing our craft, learning new techniques, co-writing sessions, as…

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#35 Wise Crafters

Leader(s):Tracy Rohrbach and Pat Pennell Group Type: Activity - Men & Women Let's craft together and grow in wisdom. In this 8-week LifeGroup, we will explore several verses each week that speak directly to wisdom - what it is, why…

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