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#26 | Music for Everyone

Leader(s):  Jennifer Heller Location:  Colonial Theater, 227 Bridge St, Phoenixville, PA The project:   Assist with set up, security, tear down and clean up at the concert. Auction items and reception tables will need refreshing and cleaning up. About our…

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#12 | Good Works

Leader(s): Cathy and David Johnson Location: Univ. of Valley Forge - 19 Beulah Heights St, Phoenixville, PA The project:  Repairs or maintenance activity as required by the assigned location. Specific work to be determined. Can be landscaping, carpentry, painting... About…

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#11 | Good Samaritan

Leader(s):  Mike Rieger Location: 100 Railroad St, Phoenixville, PA 19460 The project:  Mostly landscaping and outdoor clean-up nearby a homeless shelter and facilities. Some indoor cleaning/organizing projects may also be needed depending on the weather. About our partnering organization: Good…

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