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#27 | The House

Leader(s): Carol Baker Location: 201 Starr St, Phoenixville, PA The project: Outdoor landscaping: cutting grass, pruning shrubs, branch removal, and clean up. The Partnering Organization: Phoenixville Women's Outreach ("The House"), provides transitional housing and affordable housing to help women break…

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#19 | Joy of Sox

Leader(s): Bonnie Gardner Location: 400 Taylor Street, Phoenixville, PA The project: Assist in sorting the accumulated sock donations (thousands!) of men’s socks, women’s socks, and children’s socks and count them. Socks are then distributed throughout the year. The Partnering Organization:…

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#18 | Good Works

Leader(s): Cathy Johnson Location: Univ. of Valley Forge - 19 Beulah Heights St, Phoenixville, PA The project: Repairs or maintenance activity as required by the assigned location. Specific work to be determined. Can be landscaping, carpentry, painting. The Partnering Organization:…

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#17 | Good Samaritan

Leader(s): Mike Rieger Location: 318 Main St, Phoenixville, PA 19460 The project: Mostly Landscaping/Outdoor Clean Up nearby homeless shelter and facilities. Some indoor cleaning/organizing projects may also be needed depending on the weather. The Partnering Organization: Good Samaritan helps to…

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