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#23 | Small Things

Leader(s): Megan Weston-Brousseau Location: 401 Domino Ln, Philadelphia, PA The project:  Working with a food warehouse to sort and pack food boxes for distribution. About our partnering organization: Small Things works to distribute food, hygiene, and household goods to our…

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#20 | Philly Dream Center

Leader(s): Hannah Rafferty Location: 3175 Chatham St, Philadelphia, PA The project: Assist with some indoor painting and homeless outreach. About our partnering organization: The Dream Center is a faith-based, charitable organization that finds and fills the needs of struggling people…

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#14 | Life Turning Point

Leader(s): Pastor Steve & Milissa Garrett Location: 5200 Wayne Ave, Philadelphia, PA The project:  Outdoor landscaping: cutting grass, pruning shrubs, branch removal, and clean up + organizing and deep clean. About our partnering organization: To teach single mothers how to…

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#13 | Kensington Outreach

Leader(s): Vincent DePaul Location: McPherson Square Park - 601 E Indiana Ave, Philadelphia, PA The project: We will feed, clothe, love, hug and pray on our homeless brothers and sisters About our partnering organization: God Feeds: To transform and improve…

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