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Will you be our guest this weekend?

Join us for a service!
Sunday | Online | 9AM and ON-DEMAND

Thursday | In Person | 7:15PM
Sunday | In Person | 9AM, 10:15AM, & 11:45AM

What Is Church Online?



What To Expect

We offer a few different platforms to experience an online service at Victory Church. You can watch from various devices including your tv, laptop, and mobile phone.

We livestream on YouTube, Facebook, and our Church Online platform. All of our platforms offer a welcoming and robust community experience through our chat feature.

victory church worship online



What is Church Online?

We have our very OWN Victory Church-specific platform! You can watch here.

Facebook and YouTube chats are also live hosted by Victory digital ministry volunteers, but the church online platform is the BEST interactive experience you will have because it offers so many fun opportunities and a safe space to interact.

You don’t need social media, you don’t even need a login. You just pull up the website on your phone or computer, type in a nickname, and start participating! You can even push the request prayer button to get in a private chat with one of our prayer team members. You can click along with all the opportunities that pop up – including filling out a Smart Connect Card right there in the platform or responding to Pastor Ed’s sermon. 

Is Church Online really church?

Church online or in-person = 100% Victory Church. Church online isn’t an alternative to attending church in person – it’s an opportunity to experience God. Church online is more than services. Church online is community. Whether you are out of state or just out of town, you are part of our community when you experience God with us during church online.

When we engage with church online, we are participators, not observers.

What will happen when I visit for the first time?

You can join us on any platform. If you’re joining us for the first time we encourage you to fill out a Smart Connect Card that will pop up during service so that we can follow up with you and connect you to our amazing community (that is both online and in-person).

Church online is supposed to be interactive! Don’t be afraid of the chatbox feature – we want to grow and experience God with you.


Good Like God | The change we need & what the world needs to see.

What would it look like to express the goodness of God every day? Who we are becoming is more important than where we are going! Let’s get back into alignment with Jesus’ Way.


If you’re in the area, we’d love to worship with you in-person too!

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