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Every Man A Warrior

The next session of Every Man a Warrior begins the last week of September 2024. 
Every Man a Warrior is a discipleship small group Bible study that “Helps Men Succeed in Life” and win the battles they fight every day.  If you would like to be a part of  a group of regular guys; married, single, or divorced, and learn what it means to walk out your faith in your daily life, Every Man a Warrior is for you.

Every Man a Warrior consists of three - twelve session groups

EMAW Book 1: Walking with God
EMAW Book  2: Marriage and Raising Children
EMAW Book 3: Money, Sex, Work, Hard times, and Making Your Life Count

Each book is offered as a distinct LifeGroup. Completing Book 1 is required for participation in Books 2 and 3.

About Every Man A Warrior - The Program

Since 2011, 80,000 men in 60 countries and in 25 languages have been impacted by the EMAW curriculum.
Every man:
  • Walking with God
  • Praying
  • Leading
  • Making disciples
  • A Warrior
You can become one of these men!

Cultivating Holy Beauty

The next series of Cultivating Holy Beauty groups at Victory Church begin the last week of September, 2024. 
Cultivating Holy Beauty is a small group discipleship curriculum designed to help women become daily of Jesus Christ, plain and simple! Do you want help learning how to read the Bible and experience God through it? Do you desire to really know Christ and live out his purposes for your life? Do you want to help other people know him? This LifeGroup helps women thrive by discovering their true identity and value in Jesus Christ, based on the Word of God and the Holy Spirit. We believe that when a woman finds her identity and purpose in Christ, everything else—identity, work, relationships, marriage, motherhood, life in general—begins to fall into place!​

Cultivating Holy Beauty consists of 4 books each with its own LifeGroup session. Each strengthens our vertical relationship with God while equipping each woman to live out her faith and make disciples in her world.

CHB Book 1: Intimacy with Jesus
CHB Book 2: Letting the Healer Heal
CHB Book 3: Walking in the New
CHB Book 4: Vessel of Honor
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