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# 50 Becoming a Disciple

Leader(s): Jordan Semple and Michel Faulkner Group Type: General - Men & Women This group will doing an extensive investigation in the First Principles of the Faith taught by Christ and the Apostles. We will learn how to pass on these…

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# 23 Scripture Memes

Leader(s): Tom McLaughlin Group Type: Activity - Men and Women Group members will choose a verse of scripture each week and create a "meme". These can be done by hand or digitally. We will each share our work and our…

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# 48 Living out God’s Purpose

Leader(s): Janice Bowdre Group Type: General - Women Do you realize that God made you on purpose for a purpose? This semester, let's get into God's word, discover more of his purposes for our lives and encourage one another to live…

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# 45 Raising Kingdom Kids

Leader(s): Missy Knechel, Linda Valloor Group Type: General - Women and Men This group is FULL. This group is meant for any parent, single, married, divorced, young kids, older kids, anyone! Together, we will watch the powerful video series, “raising Kingdom…

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# 43 Surrendering the Secret

Leader(s): Linda Allebach, Theresa Royer-Irwin Group Type: Support - Women This is an 8-week small group study for those who need healing from the trauma of a past abortion. We invite you to be brave and come experience forgiveness and be free…

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# 41 What the Women Saw

Leader(s): Lisa Crenshaw, Amanda Kerlin, Milissa Garrett Group Type: General - Women This group is FULL. Through this fun, interactive Bible study group we will look at Jesus from the unique perspective of the women who knew him. We will learn…

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