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#49 | Parenting with Mental Health in Mind

About: This is a group for moms and dads! The Parenting with Mental Health in Mind LifeGroup includes basic principles and helpful tips on this critical subject to aid parents and caring adults as they navigate a kid's and teenager's…

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#47 | Mom’s 30-minute Prayer Connect

About: Busy moms, get encouraged and connect with other moms and the Lord through this 6-week, 30-minute online Mom's Prayer Connect. We'll share, laugh, pray for one another during the week, and look to Jesus together as we seek his…

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#43 | 40 Days of Love by Rick Warren

About: Through this six-session small group Bible study, 40 Days of Love, pastor Rick Warren teaches you how to make authentically loving God and loving others the deepest desire, highest aspiration, and constant focus. So, what is your number one…

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#42 | The Book of Daniel

About: Today, our culture is becoming increasingly secular and is quickly turning away from the teachings and morals of God's Word, such as it was in Daniel's time. As we study the Book of Daniel, we will also see God's…

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#41 | Work as Worship

About: Is it unprofessional to wear your Christianity like a badge when you're at work? Good question. Many of us think our work is separate from our faith and has no spiritual significance, but consider this: How can the one…

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#35 | Single. Dating. Engaged. Married

About: Why are relationships so hard? In this modern age, where we are more connected than ever, why does it seem so challenging to find the right person? Join us as we look to scripture for some guidance on navigating…

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#30 | Cultivating Holy Beauty, Book 3 Walking in the New

About: This semester of Cultivating Holy Beauty studies Book 3, "Walking in the New." This lesson moves beyond the lessons of Jesus' healing achieved through walking in forgiveness and freedom. Participants who have completed Book 2 will practice the moment-by-moment…

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