Why VBX is essential to your summer!

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Vacation Bible School. Some will tell you it’s an archaic tradition. Some will tell you it’s free childcare mid-summer.  Some will tell you it’s the highlight of your summer. Some will say it conflicts with their summer vacation.

I am the product of Vacation Bible School (or as we call it at Victory – the Vacation Bible Experience).  VBX is essential to your summer whether you’re a kid, a parent, a teen, or ANYONE!  It’s the biggest outreach for VictoryKids every year and it has the most potential for catalytic impact.

VBX is the perfect invitation for our kids to make to their friends.  “Come join me for a week of incredible fun and we’ll get to talk about who God is TOGETHER.” So no, Vacation Bible School was never intended for the kids inside the church, but, rather, for the kids outside the church. It’s a natural, culturally-acceptable invitation for all kids to receive.  I’m so grateful that my neighbor invited me.

VBX is also an easy connection for the whole family to meet God in a life-changing way.  From the heartfelt care of volunteers to the Scripture-based music, there are so many ways for VBX to not only imact the life a the child attending, but entire households.  Kids’ ministry is the most natural growth point for churches and it’s where the Church is tracking the highest amount of Kingdom expansion.

Another great article on why Children’s Ministry influences church growth.

So this year, we’re building a large team of volunteers so we can serve 100 more kids than other years.  Maybe you’d consider taking a week off from work to join us?  Maybe it’s worth filling your minivan with your children’s friends when you plan to attend.  And don’t forget to register here.


Infographic from Barna.


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