Why leading kids grows my faith

Amanda Leadership, parenting, Spiritual Formation

This past month VictoryKids have been learning about seeking peace with others and finding peace with God.  We defined peace as “caring about others more than winning a fight.”

I was particularly touched this month by the lesson of Abram and Lot. Abram kept his word and sacrificed when he didn’t have to for the sake of peace with his nephew. We talked it out in LifeGroup as kids shared about hurts from siblings and friends. They talked through why peace was the more life-giving response then arguing or fighting what what one thinks they deserve. It was real. It was honest. Even though the right answer is peace, we had the opportunity to talk through how hard that can be in the moment and how hard that choice is when we have to make it repeatedly.

Once again, the words of five year-olds have humbled my heart and led me to seek Jesus more.

It was a powerful moment this week when 6 children raised their hand because they wanted peace with God through Jesus’ sacrifice.  Yes – peace matters and peace is hard.  What always seems to impress me is how kids openly share their hearts – this month – who they need peace with and how to seek it

As parents and leaders of children, how can we model seeking peace daily in our own lives?  How can we encourage children to choose peace?  Is there someone with whom we need to pursue peace?