Why do we enjoy giving? A kid’s opinion

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In December, VictoryKids Elementary kiddos learned about generosity.  I often find I like to ask harder questions that aren’t in the curriculum – mostly because I’m curious what kids will say.  Sometimes it works, and sometimes I get a confused look.

I decided to ask a group of Kindergarten and First grade students why they thought we enjoyed giving.  I talked about how happy I feel when I give a great present and my friend likes it.  I also talked about how happy my heart is when I give a helping hand to someone.

As much as we talk about how hard it is to give, the truth is – giving creates some of the best feelings in our hearts.  Why?  I expected something like, “because it’s fun to help” or “because I love them.”

The response I got from a 5 year old was quite different.  The child said, “we were created in the image of God. God loves to give.  He gave his only son, Jesus. So if we’re made like God and He likes to give, that’s why we enjoy giving.”  You can imagine my face as I processed one of the most profound thoughts I’ve ever heard.  Giving reflects the image of God.  What an amazing God we serve!



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