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General Questions

What are your hours of operation?

Victory Early Learning Academy hours of operation are 7 AM to 5:30 PM, Monday through Friday.

What is your tuition cost?

Tuition is monthly and varies by program, age and schedule. For tuition information, please contact us or set up a tour.

We do work with childcare subsidy programs. For more information on those, you can check out the link here.

What is your current availability for enrollment?

We work with all prospective families to accommodate their scheduling needs. However, many of our classes fill up quickly or have limited space. We recommend you contact us right away regarding you child’s enrollment!

What are the security measures in place at Victory Early Learning Academy?

Victory Early Learning Academy has a multifaceted and layered security program. The School Director can discuss the details during your tour.

Do you provide meals?

At Victory Early Learning Academy, we believe parents know their children best and should make decisions on what foods to provide for lunch. This enables parents to try new items, offer a variety of choices, or pack the family favorites! We do provide two snacks each day (morning and afternoon). We follow USDA recommended service sizes, and are a peanut free facility.

The School Experience

What if my child needs extra support?

We work with both private therapists and Early Intervention to ensure your child receives the highest standard of support in their development. If you’re curious about Early Intervention [a free program provided by your home county if you qualify], you can read more here.

What if my child needs a medication during the day?

When a child has a special need including prescribed medication or specialized instruction, a plan will be put in place with a team of parents, health care providers, and special instructors when applicable. A template plan will be provided for each family to fill out and keep in child’s file so that all staff are aware of each step of the plan should an emergency arise. All medications will be kept in a space inaccessible to children, and a medication log will be filled out and signed by parents for permission. If a plan changes, it is imperative that the parent fill out a new form as soon as possible.

What if my child gets sick while at school?

Children who are obviously ill with fever, diarrhea, vomiting, fever over 100.4 degrees, etc.) will not be admitted to the program. If your child appears to be sick or has any of the above while at school, we will notify the parent or guardian immediately, and it is necessary that the child be picked up within one hour of notification from VELA.

What if my child has food allergies?

Food Allergy: We are a peanut-free facility, so please do not provide lunches that contain peanuts. If your child has an allergy to any foods, please be sure that it has been indicated on your paperwork and put in writing. This should be given to the teacher AND director. All allergies will be posted in the classroom. Depending on the allergy, some rooms may become completely “nut-free.”

Questions About Scheduling A Tour

How long does the tour last?

We are happy to work with your schedule and can adjust for your needs. In general, we tell visitors to plan on about an hour.

Should I bring my child with me on the tour?

We welcome you to bring your child on the tour. If you would prefer to come on your own for your first visit, we will gladly schedule a second tour for you to return along with your child.

Does the tour include the inside of the school as well as the outdoor play areas?

If you have the time, we will show you all areas of our school both inside and outside!

Shall I expect my child to engage in activities with other children during the tour?

We welcome our visiting friends to join in with what is happening in the classroom, if they choose.

What hours do you recommend as the best hours to schedule a tour?

We welcome tours throughout the day and can always accommodate your scheduling needs. However, to see the program in action, the best times are from 9:00 AM to 12:30 PM.

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