Teaching kids to talk to Jesus

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One of the phrases I most often repeat in kids’ church happens when a kid is about to pray aloud for the whole group.  What I’ve observed is that often times when one person prays, the rest of us either tune it out or just listen along instead of actively praying along with the person.  I think that a group prayer is just that – an invitation for a whole group to pray.

For kids – that’s a pretty hard concept so I’ve adopted this phrase, “We’re all going to talk to Jesus right now, and Terry is going to help us do it.”  This allows space for kids to process that we’re all praying, it’s a conversation with Jesus, and the one leading it isn’t actually the only one praying.

We’re learning about prayer this month in VictoryKids.  This week we learned specifically about the “Our Father” prayer from Luke 11.  What if, as a family, you prayed this week and encouraged everyone to participate even though one person might be praying aloud?

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