Saying Yes to God’s Invitations

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People often ask why I’ve had so many amazing life experiences – living in Russia, speaking at conferences, translating in Bolivia and Costa Rica, making friendships with amazing people, or seeing God miraculously heal people.

There’s nothing about me that is any more special than anyone else.  At 30 years old I’ve lived a big life for one reason only, I just keep saying yes to God.  Since I committed to following Jesus at 12, saying no to Jesus has never been an option (or ever so briefly until He prompts me to get my butt in gear).  When John 10:10 talks about the abundant life that Jesus gives us, I relate to that completely.  My life is so rich because I’ve accepted God’s invitations to take risks and do hard things.

Why don’t we say yes to Jesus – I think there are a lot of reasons, but most frequently, I think we say no because of fear.  One of my regular prayers to Jesus is asking Him to give me courage. I painted a picture on my wall with the word “courage” surrounded by all the things in which I want Jesus to give me courage.  I want courage in my relationships, dreams, leadership, and about 20 other things.  I want to be able to say “yes” boldly when God invites me into new, scary territory.

Serving and leading kids can look scary, but I think the Lord gave me the courage to try 10 years ago.  I was terrified of being able to get them to behave, or being creative enough to hold their attention.  I wasn’t sure if I knew how to explain the Gospel in the best way possible either.  But Jesus invited me, so I knew I had to get over my fear and have faith that He would give me the tools to lead children.

I think God has an invitation for each one of us today to pursue courage and faith in Him and say yes to the things to which He is calling us.  For some people, I believe the call is to lead with children.  Let’s pray and encourage each other in boldness and faith to serve our children.

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