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After a hard week with VictoryKids, my commitment to pray daily for each kid in my LifeGroup was renewed.  This week I was reminded that the LifeGroup leader’s commitment isn’t just an hour on Sunday mornings with kids, but it is a week long commitment to love our kids through preparation, communication, and PRAYER!

Preparation and communication are easy for me because my personality is naturally aligned to prepping curriculum and jotting notes or sending texts to my kiddos and their families.  It’s tangible and ‘practical.’ I can create something and see the immediate results of my actions.  It’s probably because I’m a millennial that I love the instant gratification of a job ‘complete.’

This week I was reminded that being prayerful for each of my kids by name is part of my call as a LifeGroup leader.  These kids are not having an isolated experience with God on Sunday mornings, but rather, coming on Sunday to process the rest of their week through the lense on what the Spirit has been doing.  If a kid had a bad week at school, he or she is carrying that right into our LifeGroup.  It could look like the child being despondent or frustrated with the day’s activity or it could look like the kid expressing hopelessness during prayer request time.  In the moment, sometimes I forget that.  I’m so busy thinking about how I want to execute the perfect LifeGroup that I forget how our day is not isolated, but, instead, part of the child’s meta-narrative.

I’m committed to pursuing Jesus daily for my kids. I am committed to pray for healing for their hurts that happen throughout the week and praying for them to experience God’s love regularly.

I’ve created a suggested list of things to pray for your LifeGroup kids each day of the week:

Monday – Pray for Jesus to prompt each child’s heart with the verse of the week. Pray for Jesus to remind them regularly that His Word is a lamp to their feet and a light to their path

Tuesday- Pray for God to protect them from the lies of the enemy and reinforce the Truth from the Lord that they are fearfully and wonderfully made.

Wednesday- Pray for each child to remember that they can trust God no matter what.

Thursday- Pray their families. Pray that each family would have time this week to talk about God and pray together. Pray that the Lord would build unity within each family.

Friday- Pray for each child’s physical protection and development.

Saturday- Pray for each child’s friendships with others – within the LifeGroup and also within their community. Pray that each child would be able to share the hope of Jesus with those around them.

Sunday- Pray the children are able to articulate their needs during prayer time in your LifeGroup.

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