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Outreach Philosophy

We Serve Always.

Why We Serve

Victory Church is an 85-year-old Assemblies of God Church in Norristown, PA. We serve our community to honor God our creator, share the love and story of Jesus Christ, and promote God’s Kingdom expansion throughout the world. We believe that our service to the community acts as the hands and feet of Jesus.

Who We Serve

We want to serve all those in need in our community that have unmet needs. The late Haddon Robinson said in his sermon “Who is my Neighbor?” – “We (the Church) are called to serve or help meet the needs of everyone in our community whose needs we see and can help. There are some needs that are beyond our scope and capacity of our local church. We want to serve all that we can in the name of Jesus.”

When We Serve

We serve always. We pray for people’s needs constantly.

We give attention to unmet needs as they come to our attention. There are seasons that we will serve in a specific area during a crisis or disaster. We want to be among the first to arrive and share God’s love when it is needed most.

How You Can Get Involved

You can join us in praying for our community.

Register as a volunteer now. We will ask you for some information such are your educational background and experiences. Finally, ask God to match your skills and interests with real needs in our community. We trust God will make the connections in the name of Jesus.

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