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Parent Resource Center

At VictoryKids, we work hard to make the hour we get every week with your children impactful but know that when we combine church and family, we can have the greatest impact on kids’ lives.
We are constantly looking for resources to help parents.
We understand that as kids grow and change, so will the ways parents need support. This page is full of articles, blogs, parent connect groups, videos, and so many more resources to bring church right into your home.

Mental Health and Anxiety: Supporting Parents as They Support Their Kids

This is a list of faith-based resources for parents on wellness, anxiety, worry, and other mental health topics. The resources include books, podcasts, articles, social media accounts, and more, partnering parents with faith-based professionals.

Body Safety and Opening Dialogue with Children on Topic

We have compiled a list of faith-based resources on body safety, body image, consent, boundaries and more to help you start the conversation with your kids. There are an array of resources like books, podcasts, webinars, social media, and more to support you and your family.

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Parent Que App: Parent Smarter, Not Harder

Watch your child grow in faith and character!

Get daily devotions for your child, tips on how to bring God into daily routine time, and resources like articles, blog posts, and podcasts on Christian Parenting.

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Victory Early Learning Academy

Victory Early Learning Academy exists as an extension of the child’s family in nurturing a relationship to God as well as a bridge to formal schooling. We provide high-quality affordable care for children aged 6 weeks to 5 years between the hours of 6:30AM to 5:00PM Monday through Friday.

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Connect with Us

You can connect with us and other families by joining our Private Facebook group just for the families of Victory, following us on Instagram, and being added to our mailing list to get emails and updates on all the fun things going on.

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