Orange is my favorite color

Amanda parenting, Young Family

If the church is yellow (a beacon of light) and the family is red (the heart), together they make ORANGE. An encouraging nexus for kids to grow in their faith of God.  When families and church partner together to invest in a child’s life to demonstrate the message of God’s story, the next generation can be influences.  It’s BOTH family and church and that’s the key.  Faith development in a child can’t be just relegated to the church and, in the same vein, faith development in children can be positively influenced when families proactively devote time and energy to partnering with the church (Joiner).

Victory Church uses Orange curriculum during the Sunday experience for children from 6 weeks all the way through high school.  The strategy is clear because the end goal is clear.  We want children to love God because they’ve experienced Him, love others, and welcome others into a loving relationship with God. We do this by recognizing that we need to nurture and encourage children in different ways based on their life stage (or phase of life).

For our littlest, we need to inspire WONDER.
For our elementary kids, we need to help them on the path of DISCOVERY.
As our kids grow into teenagers, we need to affirm and mobilize their PASSION.

I love Orange. As a former teacher, it meets kids exactly where they’re at in development and helps them to grow an authentic faith in Jesus.  VictoryKids loves partnering with families to see children discover and grow in their God-designed purpose.

Don’t forget to sign up for our “It’s Just A Phase” Parent Workshop at the end of the month.  It’s going to be a time to process and digest how parents can help their children during each phase.