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Martha's Choice Marketplace (Food Pantry)

Tuesdays-Fridays varying hours

353 East Johnson Hwy, Norristown

Serving over 900 families a month, Martha’s not only provides clients with the very “normal” (and dignified) experience of shopping for their groceries, we also provide our clients with a wide array of other empowering services including, but not limited to, job search assistance and resume writing, nutritional education, parenting classes and more.

Once you are trained and get your background clearances, you will be invited to take part in one of two options to serve.

  1. Packing
  • Description: Put bags of meat, dry goods, and produce together to prepare for distribution
  • Day and time: Tuesdays 9-12, Wednesdays 9-12, Thursdays 9-12
  • Level of difficulty: Easy/Medium (sometimes lifting is needed)
  • Needed: own mask
  • Provided: gloves, hand sanitizer
  1. Food Distribution
  • Description: Place bags of food into families’ cars/trunks as they pull up.
  • Day and time: Wednesdays from 2:30-6 and Fridays from 9:30-1pm
  • Level of difficulty: Medium (requires opening trunks and sometimes in close proximity if needing to place food in back seat) ;Bags can be heavy but manageable
  • Needed: own mask
  • Provided: gloves, hand sanitizer
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