#10 – Media and Technology League of Awesomeness

magen 1:00 pm, Fall 2019 LifeGroup, General, Location - Victory Church, Sunday, Youth

Media and Technology League of Awesomeness

Fueled by our renewed faith, moved by the Holy Spirit, and inspired by Jesus’ selfless act, we are enlisting the help of Victory Church attendees, to work together for the good of those who love
Jesus. Together, we will work to find and recruit a team of spiritual superheroes to stand against this newly awakened threat: tech and media illiteracy. It doesn’t matter what your knowledge level is, if you like media and tech, we want you in our group. Will you answer the call to the league of awesomeness? (For men, women, and teens).

Day: Sunday
1:00 – 2:30pm
Victory Church
Jacob Kerlin, Jonah Marquez

Childcare: No

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