Let your kids play with the nativity

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I grew up with a mom who had a ‘special’ nativity just for my sister and me.  I don’t know if my mom set out for the angels wings to be broken off and Joseph to have bite marks, but after years of play, her nativity was well-loved and well-worn.

This Christmas, consider letting your kids play with your decorative Nativity (okay, not the Hummel one) or get them their own that you bring out special at Christmas time.  When kids play with nativities, they’re actually interacting with Jesus and God’s story at a level they understand.

I don’t know if my mom intentionally wanted me to grow in knowledge that Jesus was significant, but that special toy helped me grow in knowledge of who God was and also in a deep, deep love of Jesus.

So this year, don’t put the nativity high up on the shelf and out of reach, but let your kids play with the nativity scene.  Let them grow in knowing Jesus’ story and who He is.

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