Lent and Kids

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Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Jesus Christ.  Without a lead up in heart preparation, Easter can feel like an abrupt holiday that is a blip on the calendar each year.  It can feel like a spike at the end of the winter – “Oh yeah! Jesus is risen.”

“Oh wait, Jesus died?”

Lent is a spiritual rhythm on the Church calendar to help prepare our hearts for the resurrection of Jesus.  We can’t have resurrection without crucifixion.  We can’t have crucifixion without the deep knowledge of our own personal sin.  This is essential for us so that Resurrection Sunday has a deep, soul-encouraging impact.

It’s the same for kids.  Kids’ Ministry often runs the risk of becoming the storytellers of the Bible in an Aesop’s fable-like fashion if we don’t actually tell the entire meta-narrative of God’s story.  We put ourselves at risk of giving kids the impression that the Bible is a bunch of good stories that teach us morals.  Instead, we know the Bible is the story of God creating the world, humans breaking relationship with Him, and God chasing after us to reconcile our relationship to Him which transforms our eternity yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

You might be thinking, “When I teach Easter, I have to teach Creation? And Acts? And Revelation? Impossible on one Sunday!” To which I’d answer, YES!  We need to tell the story of the resurrection in it’s entirety, but, no, it doesn’t always have to be on one Sunday.  In fact, it should be told every Sunday.

This month VictoryKids is making a concerted effort to prepare our hearts with the story of sin, the crucifixion, and the need for forgiveness.  As parents and leaders, we need to tell the stories of Jesus during Lent.  Here’s 3 potential stories you can tell: https://www.jellytelly.com/blog/3-bible-stories-to-teach-your-kids-about-lent


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