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Do you ever wonder if Kids’ Ministry has a lasting impact?  Does it matter?  It sure mattered in my life.  I was gifted a mentor in Carol many years ago.  Recently, I got to reflect on that gift in writing a letter to her bone marrow donor.  Jesus healed her from leukemia, but the journey wasn’t easy and it was faith-building.
Dear Andrew,
My name is Amanda and I’m 30 years old.  I met Carol (quite randomly one might say, but I believe divinely) when I was 10 years old.  From the age of 10 until now, Carol has played a significant role in my life.  To say I have a second mother in her is an understatement.  But, you see, my story is not isolated.  Carol is a second mother to so many people and she often stands in the gap for many of us when we need a parent.
When I first found out Carol had the “L” word, I felt sick.  Why would God let such a bad thing happen to such a good person?  Does this mean Carol will die now? How am I going to live without her (this one was rather selfish)?
In the last 3 years, Carol hasn’t complained once, but, in my mind, she’s had plenty of reasons to do so.  When pills stopped working or she had a bad reaction, I’d get scared and sad.  I prayed regularly asking God to save my friend.  She’d smile and remind me about how many great people she had got to meet in this process and how God has everything in His control.  I’d think to myself, “How is she not angry?” Frankly, I was disappointed that God hadn’t ended this battle because I prayed – we all prayed.
Then you made a donation that saved my friend, my second mom.  The transplant was torture for her (I visited her in TX during that time), but she needed to do it to save her life.  It was probably hard for you, but you didn’t have to do it.  Thank you.  You’re selflessness has inspired me to join the Bone Marrow Registry too.  As I plan a wedding in the near future, Carol gets to be a part of it (most recently – vetting the guy).  I can’t imagine my wedding without her there – she walked me through so many hard times and difficult decisions.
I did learn a lot about God too through Carol and your journey.  I learned that the good plan He had for Carol didn’t promise to be without tough spots.  The good plan, however, did promise that He’d never leave her.  I also learned that I need to look for God and His goodness everywhere, even when it feels counter-intuitive.
All this to say, your donation matters. These words can’t capture how much it matters.
Thank you. I’ve been praying for you and will continue to pray for you.
God bless you,
Amanda Fegley (Philadelphia, PA)

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