It’s not Sunday School – it’s a LifeGroup!

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I love Victory Church’s emphasis on LifeGroups (sometimes called small groups, cell groups, kinship groups, etc).  Our faith isn’t lived out daily if we are isolated from others walking beside us.  VictoryKids uses a LifeGroup model for each age group because we take communal discipleship seriously.  We want every kid to have a place where they can ask their questions, share their hearts, and be encouraged by peers and adults.

VictoryKids LifeGroups function just like adult LifeGroups.  They study Scripture together, pray together and have fun together.  I’ve loved peeking in on the recent 4th and 5th grade girls’ party where they were doing hair, giggling, and eating together with their leaders.  It was cool to hear that the boys’ LifeGroup recently went go-karting together too.

So our VictoryKids’ leaders aren’t “teachers,” but rather “LifeGroup Leaders.”  They aren’t leading from the front of a classroom, but rather, they are leading beside kids and their families as life happens.  This is a pretty important mind shift in the way we approach everything about Sunday morning (and REALLY, the whole week).  LifeGroups on Sunday become an exchange of ideas and life instead of a model of a teach “dumping” all the information the kids need into their heads.

As VictoryKids’ Pastor, I’m always looking for ways to help enhance each leaders ability to lead their LifeGroups well and recently I stumbled upon an app that has the Orange curriculum loaded onto it so you can be looking at it throughout the week VERY easily, but it also has a space to help keep track of the kids/families you serve.  I’m trying it out the month of January and hope some of my leaders will too!

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