Kindness Elves – Incorporating Compassion into Christmas

Amanda parenting, Spiritual Formation

This Christmas our kids are learning about how compassionate God was to send His only Son to rescue us. VictoryKids are being encouraged to grow in their personal compassion to others in LifeGroups, which you can reinforce at home with our take home Advent calendars.

In addition, we want to share what one of our amazing VictoryKids’ LifeGroup leaders and parents is putting into action at her own home this Christmas to encourage kindness and compassion.

Kindness Elves are a spin on the whole Elf on a Shelf tradition and a great example of intentional parenting towards building a lifelong faith for her children.

Julie Weathers writes:
“I got the idea from this website: We kind of adapted it to our needs. You can order stuffed elves on this website but I just used elves I found at Walmart (less expensive).

Our elves show up on Dec. 1st and remind our kids of the true meaning of Christmas. They write a letter that reminds them that Christmas is about celebrating God’s greatest gift to us, Jesus. God knew what we needed most and gave us this amazing gift. The elves are excited to visit our home and spread happiness by encouraging them to do small acts of kindness in their daily lives. This simple, yet powerful idea of spreading kindness is an important way to show children how they can help others by doing small acts of kindness. The elves have come to share the magic of Christmas and have heard that children have kind and loving hearts, and they want to see for themselves.

Every night while the kids are in bed, I move the elves to a different place. The kids then have fun searching for them in the morning. Some examples would be, playing a game, reading a book, sitting at the table, hanging out in the Christmas tree. The elves always leave a note. Here are some ideas of what the notes could be about:

Wrap and secretly deliver a book about the true meaning of Christmas! (I got one for a $1 at Target)
We caught you sharing with your brother/sister! Great job! Sharing is SO kind. I want to share a special treat with you (leave a few Hershey’s kisses).
Telling the ones you love that you love them makes them feel good! Draw or paint a picture for someone who is special to you. Send/give it to them!
Tell your sister/brother you love him/her. Give them a hug and a kiss! Then read a story together.
Invite someone over to play with you today! Being kind to friends is important! Share the true meaning of Christmas with them.
Jesus is the reason for the season! Pray for someone in need.
Helping others is nice! Help Mommy and Daddy make a special breakfast for the family.
Today, make Christmas cookies with an adult. Then share them with some of your neighbors or friends. Sharing with others makes our hearts feel warm!
Help out Mommy today! Clean up all your toys! How did helping make you feel?
Not all children have a lot of toys. This week, do some simple chores (setting the table, cleaning up after dinner, cleaning up your toys, put your clothes away, etc). If you do 10 chores this week you’ll each get $10. Then have Mommy take you to the store and pick out toys to give to Toys for Tots.”