How do we set an infant up for lifelong faith?

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I believe the nursery is one of the most fundamental ministries in the church for both infants and parents.  For parents, it’s an opportunity to allow others to love your baby in the name of Jesus.  For infants, it’s a fundamental moment to get to know the people of God and to know that God loves them.

During this phase of life, babies just want to know, “Am I safe?” Therefore, it’s our job to consistently embrace their physical needs.  When we answer the repeated question, infants experience God’s love and also know that God’s people love them.

“You are the More Knowledgeable Other in the life of your baby.  You are meeting their basic physiological needs by feeding them, keeping them clean, and placing them in a safe place to sleep.  You are the person who helps your baby understand that it is not a good idea to pull the cat’s tail. You are the person who lets your little one experience new things” (


I’m not a parent yet, but I’m observing a lot in our nurseries and with my friends parenting.  I really love the resources from Reggie Joiner’s It’s Just A Phase collection of books for parenting through every age group.  Honestly, as a teacher, I’m so grateful for a resource that takes into account the physical, social, and mental development of a child so that we can minister best and appropriately to their spiritual development.

I highly advise taking a look at this collection of books on Amazon for the resources appropriate for where you are at in your parenting journey. And…snuggle your babies.

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