How do we raise generous kids?

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When I think about how I became a generous kid, I think the answer is easy.  I watched my parents be generous with others.  I watched my mom and dad volunteer their time, give a helping hand to those in need, and make personal sacrifices to make sure people around us were ‘okay.’

I think modeling is the key to raising generous kids, but I also think it’s a discipline we need to teach.  Discipline – not in the negative sense of the word – but rather it’s a practice we must be intentional about and articulate our intentions.  “We’re going to choose to forego the name brand cereal here at the grocery store today because we’re using those funds to help make sure our Compassion child in Nicaragua has breakfast too.”

I also think generosity of spirit goes beyond ‘giving’ and ‘donating’ finances and items.  I think that generosity of spirit includes being invitational and inclusive in all we do.  Inviting others into our lives, into our faith, and into our hearts is a generosity we must foster with our children because it is the way of Jesus.  Jesus included everyone – and His heart was invitational to everyone.  When we live with generous hearts, we bless people with not only provision of physical needs, but we bless those who are poor in spirit.  And let’s be honest – we all experience spiritual poverty – but when we’re generous in spirit it not only fills up others’ hearts, but it fills our heart too.

In this upcoming season, VictoryKids are learning about how to be generous.  It’s a great conversation to have with your kids, but it’s also a great conversation for you to have with God.  What is you asked Him how He would like you to be generous this season?

Victory has many opportunities as well to practice generosity with your family and church family this season.  Click here for those opportunities.

Looking for age-appropriate strategies to foster generosity?  I found the ones on World Vision’s blog to be  helpful:

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