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#49 | Parenting with Mental Health in Mind

About: This is a group for moms and dads! The Parenting with Mental Health in Mind LifeGroup includes basic principles and helpful tips on this critical subject to aid parents and caring adults as they navigate a kid's and teenager's…

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#47 | Mom’s 30-minute Prayer Connect

About: Busy moms, get encouraged and connect with other moms and the Lord through this 6-week, 30-minute online Mom's Prayer Connect. We'll share, laugh, pray for one another during the week, and look to Jesus together as we seek his…

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#32 | Mom’s Coffee Hour

About: Grab a cup of coffee and chat about various topics with other moms. We will meet at Ebru coffee shop in Audubon to chat, encourage one another, and pray. This is an 8-week group. Leader(s): Neydette Cuddihy and Jen…

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