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# 38 Songwriter Collective

Leader(s): Steve Garrett, Vanessa Pottiger Group Type: Activity - Men & Women Building on what we started last semester, this group of musicians and songwriters will focus on honing our craft, learning new techniques, co-writing sessions, as well as providing time…

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# 28 The Book of Daniel

Leader(s): Mel and Renee King Group Type: General - Men & Women This 8 to 10 week group will help you grow in your faith and trust in God as we study the Old Testament book of Daniel. Daniel portrays how…

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# 27 Race and the Gospel

Leader(s): Megan Weston Brousseau Group Type: Bible Study - Men & Women The gospel has the power to reconcile people vertically and horizontally. This excellent 5-week Bible study group for men and women will take the teaching of Bryan Loritts and…

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