Determination with middle schoolers

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We’ve been talking about determination in our Elementary school curriculum during the month of May.  Determination is important when following Jesus because He never promised that life would be easy and we need to have the commitment to finish the race – and even finish it well.

Here’s the video that explains what we’ve been up to this month so far.

[vimeo 205573768 w=640 h=360]

When I think about parenting and leading middle schoolers (or pre-middle schoolers), I think we all need a bit of determination.

I love “It’s Just A Phase” informational material because it really helps me to understand what’s going on mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually with kids in their different age groups.  In particular, I often need help understanding and exercising patience with middle school students.

I remember middle school a bit.  I remember it being fun and exciting, however, my rosy colored glasses are from an insiders perspective of my experience.  However, I bet my teachers and leaders (and parents) would say something different.  I suspect I was moody, with high energy all the time – a constant, exploding bomb.  I’m sure I didn’t always follow directions and I know I was disruptive.

If you need a laugh, I enjoyed this blog from “It’s Just A Phase,”

So middle schoolers are really just going through an extremely rapid process of maturation when other parts of their body and brain aren’t in-sync in development.  The Kingdom is still for middle schoolers and God’s will is still active with them.

We’ve got to be determined to be patient, to be understanding, and to be bold in activating them into mission.

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