Christmas Crunch – Realigning Our Hearts

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Every year I tell myself to “focus on the ‘real’ meaning of Christmas” and “it’s not about the presents.”  It doesn’t work.  I get stressed over shopping and I want EVERYTHING.  Today, we set out the costumes for our Children’s Live Nativity that will be occurring during our Christmas Eve services and I found myself laughing at the ridiculousness of putting pillow cases on children and pretending they’re shepherds and using bathrobes as ‘wise men’ couture.  I thought to myself, “What a funny story we tell to children. Almost “fable-like” in it’s characters and dramatic scenes.  The historical accuracy of this is cringe-worthy.”

This afternoon I reflected upon my critical heart from this morning and realized that I’m missing the whole point of Christmas AGAIN.  Christmas is an invitation from God to realign our hearts to Him.  Once a year, it comes and everything points to Jesus – the carols, the decor, and the Spirit.  This season God invites us on His mission to reconcile the world to Himself by doing everything we can to point as many people as possible to Him.

So yes, our Children’s Live Nativity is not as historically factual as academia would have it.  However, it’s going to bless so many people’s souls with the hope that the King has come.  And that King has rescued us from loneliness, despair, and death.  So tomorrow when 20 kids in pillowcases dance on stage to “Hark the Herald Angels,” I’m going to dance too in deep joy.

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