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#19 | Martha’s Community Garden

Leader(s): Erik Repella
Sponsor: Victory
Location: 1350 Pawlings Rd, Audubon, PA

About the project: Partnering with Martha’s Choice Marketplace to assist fall trick or treating event.

About the partnering organization: Martha’s Choice Marketplace is a community-based response. The more that we perceive our clients as fellow community members, and treat them as such, the more we will build the understanding, the rapport, and the context necessary for positive change. For us, this means active listening, clear and transparent communication, welcoming clients into our volunteer team, building genuine relationships with those we serve, and recognizing the immense value of our opportunity to serve as both volunteers and staff.

We are trying to alleviate that need by offering a safe, positive, dignified, friendly environment where they can shop for food of their choosing, for themselves and their families.

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