Become a Parent on Purpose

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We set financial goals. We set weight loss goals. We set project goals.

Why don’t we set family goals?

You don’t magically save up for that big vacation.  You don’t magically lose 20 pounds. You don’t magically finish that giant work project with your team of co-workers.

You identify a purpose.  You choose a goal. You make a plan.  You create a timeline. And you GO!

We lead lives of great intention in so many aspects, but do we lead lives of great intention when it comes to our families?

“Your kids will grow up a lot faster than you ever dreamed” (Parent Cue Guide). Because of that, we must be focused and intentional in connecting with our kids everyday.

During our Parents’ Workshop in May, we’ll be identifying your core family values and creating a family rhythm. The plan with allow you to choose priorities, establish a family calendar, and create mandatory moments.

How do I know I’m winning as a parent? We’re going to identify your wins and also celebrate them!

Now – why would we do this at church?  We believe that it is with intentional partnership between the family and the church that we create a great opportunity for kids to grow up to love God, themselves, and others for a lifetime.  If your family has healthy, sustainable, and enjoyable patterns that create opportunities for fun, work, rest, and life-building conversation, your child is more likely to walk with Jesus for a lifetime.  The family is the heart!

Check out to attend our Workshop at the end of May.