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April/May Mini-Semester

Do you want to connect here at Victory and grow in your walk with the Lord? Don’t wait til summer!*

Sign up for one of our mid-semester groups which start the week of April 1. All groups meet at Victory Church and are open to the community.

Sign up: On your connect card, online at, or find out more in the church lobby now through April 1.

*A Full Summer Semester of 30-plus groups begins the week of June 3. Watch for sign ups opening in early May.

We Have A Group For You

Who doesn’t want to live a blessed life? As pastors, we want you to experience the expansiveness of God’s blessings in and through you.

Group Facts:

  • Anyone in the church or community can be part of a group
  • Groups meet in homes throughout the area and at church
  • Childcare is provided for some groups
  • Groups last 6 weeks
  • Groups start the week of February 4

What is a LifeGroup?

LifeGroups are groups of 10-20 people who meet weekly for a few months to grow in their faith, try a new activity, have fun, and be in community. With groups for men, women, young adults, and more, there is definitely a group where you belong. Some groups study the Bible, some groups do an activity like biking, some groups read a book together, and all groups encourage you in your day-to-day walk with Christ!

Why sign up for a LifeGroup?

Smaller groups of people coming together around Jesus Christ can be an amazing thing. You can meet new people. You can see things in the Bible you might not find on your own. You will be encouraged. You can see God work through you in the lives of other people! Besides, groups can just be a really fun experience.

Why do I have to register?

Group size is limited to 20 people out of respect for our host homes space and to encourage people to get to know others in a smaller group setting. When a group reaches 20 sign-ups it will be marked full. Warning: some groups will fill up fast!

What happens after I sign up?

You’ll receive an email from your awesome leader with more information on your group.

What about my kids?

Some of our LifeGroups will have room for babysitting on-site. The LifeGroup menu will indicate if childcare is provided.

How long will my group last?

Semesters are usually 12 weeks long.  Look for new semesters to begin in September/October (Fall), January/February (Winter), or May/June (Summer).  Sign-ups open early in September, January, and May.

LifeGroup Host

Almost anyone can host a group. We try to have groups in convenient locations.

LifeGroup Leaders

Leaders must be an official member of Victory or willing to become a member. Leaders must work for a semester with an established leader and attend a LifeGroup orientation. They must be daily followers of Jesus Christ, love people, and be committed to carrying out the vision of Victory through the group.

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