We are looking for leaders to say “Yes” to the next generation

Our goal at Victory Youth to connect students to God, each other, and their communities.  That doesn’t happen on its own –  Our amazing leaders help show the love of Jesus to students every week.  There is a place for you here, and there are so many ways you can leadsay-yes-logo:

  • LifeGroup leader
  • Media Team
  • Security
  • Connections team
  • Game Guru
  • Worship Arts
  • Behind the Scenes
  • Host/EmCee



To find out more about these opportunities for service, you can fill out this form and mark your area(s) of interest. One of our ministry leaders will get back to you as soon as possible.  Our process for volunteers joining the team includes

1) a TestDrive (serving a Sunday with one of our Coaches and reflecting on your experience)

2) a short application with background checks

3) a welcome orientation.  If our team is the right fit for you, we provide training and coaching within your new team.

Current 6.8 Series

6.8 Series – Best Seller

WEEK 1: The Bible often uses complex words or abstract imagery, so it’s easy to understand why the Bible can be confusing to Middle Schoolers, whose vocabulary is limited. But helping students understand the context behind passages makes complicated or confusing content clearer.

WEEK 2: At some point your kid will experience anger or jealousy, and they’ll have to practice patience or forgiveness to get through those emotions. The Bible can act as a guide for life, and if applied properly, can actually improve how we handle these situations and feelings.

WEEK 3: Memorizing a Bible verse can feel meaningless to a kid unless you help them understand how it applies to their life. The goal shouldn’t be to recite Bible verses on request, but instead, to memorize verses so that we can remember the truth when we need it the most.

Next 6.8 Series

Sunday mornings at 9:15 AM and 11:15 AM for Youth and parents

Our Victory Youth 6.8 LifeGroups (for students in grades 6-8) meet during both services 


WEEK 1: Eventually your kid will have a friendship take a wrong turn, and they’ll realize that the relationship is no longer leading them where God wants them to go. It’s okay if they need to move on from a friend who doesn’t bring out their best.

WEEK 2: Even though some emotions feel really bad, it’s important to remember that emotions are actually healthy. Let your kid feel whatever it is they are feeling. Then, help them understand that while some emotions can be intense, they shouldn’t allow their emotions to control their actions or beliefs.

WEEK 3: Changing your thoughts—and therefore your actions—starts with learning what the Bible says about the behavior in which you feel stuck. After all, you can’t get unstuck if you don’t know what has a hold on you.

Current Series: Known

The two main questions every student asks are, “Who am I?” and, “What am I here for?” This series will help students finally get answers to both of those questions. We live in a culture that values shallow, superficial, and temporary things. Students are told lies all day about what’s important in life, and how to be important in life. This dramatically affects their view of their identity and their value—and though we can’t un-hear the lies of the enemy, we can replace them with the truth from God’s Word.

In this four-part series, students will learn that their identity is not dependent on what others say about them, or even what they say about themselves, but by what God says about them.

Lesson 1 – “God Knows Your Heart”
God does not look at the things that man looks at, he looks at the heart. Our identity is not dependent on the things people see, but on how God sees us.

Lesson 2 – “God Knows Your False Identity”
On Earth, there are certain things that make us feel valuable (our position, appearance, wealth, skills). However, these things can all be taken away, so our value and identity have to be dependent on something eternal—being a child of God.

Lesson 3 – “God Knows Your Real Identity”
Just as we have temporary and worldly Position, Appearance, Wealth, and Skills, we also have all of these things in the spiritual sense. These things make up our REAL identity and value, and cannot be taken away by man.

Lesson 4 – “God Knows Your Purpose”
Our identity cannot be separated from our purpose. God knows WHO we are on this Earth, but also WHY we are here. This message will let students know their purpose (to glorify God) but also their potential through the power of the Spirit.

Next Series: Battlefield

Think about the last big fight you had. Maybe it was with a friend or a coworker who talked badly about you. Or maybe it was when a coach pulled you out of the game for no reason. Maybe for you, the biggest battles happen at home with someone in your family who seems completely unreasonable. No matter where your battlefield is or who you’re battling with, there’s a good chance it stresses you out. No one likes conflict. Even those of us who enjoy the fight don’t really like the feelings of regret that come afterward. But what else can
we do? If avoiding doesn’t work and exploding doesn’t help, do we have any other options? And, is there a way to win the fight without losing a friend? The truth is conflict has been around since…well since humans have been around. It affects everyone. Thankfully, the Bible has something helpful to say to all of us when it comes to conflict in our relationships. And while there’s no guarantee that we’ll never face another battle, we can discover how to make our way through it and have stronger faith and relationships on the other side.

Upcoming Events

October is the best!  Its a great time to make friends, and have fun together.  Victory Youth is hosting FALL FRENZY 2017 this october and there is a place for every teen to be here.  Each week has a fun and exciting theme to help your students connect, have fun, and hear the gospel message.  You wont want to miss out.

Week 1: Battle of the Burgers

Week 2: A Knights Night

Week 3: Minute to Win it

Week 4: Smash Night


September 9 – September 99am – 4pmLOCATION: Bethlehem, PA

A brand new event designed to equip teenagers to make a difference for the Gospel. This is not just an event for “leaders,” it’s an event for all believers! It’s Fearless: One Day to Make a Difference, a one-day conference happening in three locations: west, central, and east. Students will be inspired and empowered to serve their friends, talk about their faith, and make a difference without fear.  The Cost is $45

Click Here to Register https://victorychurchphilly.ccbchurch.com/form_response.php?id=459