Victory Church is a young, new, dynamic, and exciting contemporary church—a surprising claim for a church founded in Norristown in 1935! We can make that claim because over the years we have adapted our style and methods to reaching a changing culture with an unchanging message. In recent years we have grown from a relatively small neighborhood church in Trooper to a regional church adjacent to Route 422, attended by hundreds of people each weekend.

One of the key characteristics of Victory Church is our diversity. Because of the work of the Holy Spirit, our congregation consists of people from dozens of nationalities and ethnicities. In a society that is as fragmented as ours, Victory Church stands as a model of true community, united not by our personal preferences but by our common experience of the goodness of God. We believe you will find it to be a welcoming place, too.

We worship a real, living God who loves you and wants you to succeed in life. We believe that God is for you and that he still changes lives for the good. Each of us has our own story. Please be our guest this Sunday and consider joining your story with ours.